Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Web 3.0 & Matthew Broderick

For some reason when I read about the possibilities of the next decade of web technologies, aka Web 3.0, I can't help but hope that Matthew Broderick and John Wood will be around to save us from 'Joshua (the WOPR - War Operation Plan Response)'. Even though I jest, listen to Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) talk about his definition of Web 3.0 and tell me you don't get a little eerie feeling as well. If you don't, jump on the web (2.0), access your online rental service, put WarGames (1983) at the top of your queue and get back to me after you watch it.

Now I am not afraid of the words Artificial Intelligence, in fact I look forward to the day when I can purchase a real 'iron chef' as well as a robot to do my laundry (probably my 2 least favorite activities, cooking and laundry). However, I do caution the pace at which the technologies are changing. I still feel like Web 2.0 was introduced yesterday! or at least hasn't grown to its maturity level yet. The life span of Web technologies seems to be shorter and shorter. StartUps are looking for opportunities to fill Web 3.0 niches already. Before they even get going, they will be out of date with Web 4.0 (which will essentially validate any AI movie ever created by that point).

In my opinion Web 3.0 and beyond is coming, so we really can't stop it, but do we agree with the speed at which it is coming??

And for all you WarGames fans, do we like the idea of a sequel?


Denis Largeron said...

I think we still have time to take a lot of beating before this re-re-re-revolution.
The web 2.0 definition was written in 2000 but it really appeared in 2007. In addition a google fight gives 66 million for Web 2.0 against 33 millions for Web 3.0. Knowing that the Web 3.0 definition has not really been defined exactly yet...
We can then say safely that you will get rich enough to have a maid well before being able to buy an AI iron chef.
This is good news.

Bryan said...

haha..excellent, thanks for the analysis!