Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crayon in Second Life

I must admit, I have never created an avatar in Second Life, and I have never been much of a role-player in the internet world.

Despite my lack of interest in being a participant in this virtual world, I am very curious as to the business applications of it. For example, take this article from Information Week concerning Cisco.
Cisco is banking on the fact that many of its customers/clients are second life users. This is a great example of how to interact even more with your customer base without spending an enormous amount of the marketing budget and resources.

Also, check out this company, Crayon, who says they are the first Second Life company. Marketing in a virtual world! Probably not the first company to come up with this, but I like their mission and creativity. Looking forward to tracking them in the future.

So I couldn't resist, this video is just too funny...


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Jeff'sKogodBlog said...

that video was hilarious.

also, crayon seems like an interesting concept. the mission focuses on how consumers are changing- and how marketing is not. it would be hard to disagree with that. second life and other virtual realities provide a new playing field for marketers, and i agree it should be interesting to follow the success/failures of these new marketing companies.